Sunset over the Philly skyline

I looked outside of my office window and realized that another day is gone. Whoops! I had some plans that are now pushed onto the long weekend… alas. Oh, but look at this magnificent sunset over Philadelphia! Amazing show to witness. I take out my phone and snap an Instagram shot, why not? Pretty nice what these tiny phones can do these days… So I snap the above image I used as a cover photo for this short story.

But then I look over at my desk and see that big huge Nikon there with a fat lens… Hmm… Let’s take one and see. Yes, this is definitely much closer to what I can actually see (plus zoomed in since this is a 105mm lens).

Much better! But this would be good for a high dynamic range image. Here’s one with 9 brackets (shot without tripod since I was too lazy for that). Much better result, I think, not to mention a half-gig file as a result

OK, let’s walk over to the other window and take a couple of more pics (with HDR).

Time to take shots: 45 seconds, at the most. Time to process: 1 beer (about 15-20 minutes). OK, I need to go shooting some raw material for our upcoming conference we are hosting here in Philly in 2018 (

Bored? Grab your camera and go take some pictures!


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