Squirrels at UPenn and more news around Philly

Went out for a nice walk in the city.  This time choosing the University City over my typical Center City route. Thought I’d share some pics of the path with you; for two reasons: 1) if you don’t live in Philly you might miss it pr be curious about you; and 2) if you do live in the city I want to guilt-trip you for staying indoors.

The new CHOP medical tower coming up in front of us is, well, coming up.  Looks like it’ll be done quite soon.

And, together with it, the river run path is about to get extended. If you look, in the distance, there is already new pavement on this new path.

Nice extension to this already existing—still, fairly recent—path.

New FMC building, too, is about to get done.  Philly skyline is chasing by the minute it seems.

Interesting find, in the internet age, don’t you agree?

Now just need to get rid of that power plants and we’ll be golden!

UPenn walks are pretty nice, especially with nearly zero people out today… why?! the weather is gorgeous (relatively-speaking).

Aaaaaaand we have the theme for today’s photo walk: squirrels.

Ah, here’s a live one.

And another.  There are hundreds of them, all over the place here.

Caught this one mid-flight.  Of course, I have a completely wrong camera and lens for this; but, hey, what the heck?!

One more.

And he’s just freaking fearless!

Stupid, most like it: look at his tail…

Off with you, pretty rat!

Some people just enjoy chasing these rats… Me? I like to take photos of the process.

Of course there is a reminder that some of the lives matter.

If you look closely you will see there is nothing behind the front facade.  Very nice: renovations without affecting the looks of the UPenn walk.

Gloomy weather but cheerful mood all-around.

Except for the passive-agressive signs like this.

Og, hey there, buddy

Time for a snack!  I love bars around Christmas time: empty!

The University City keeps on getting prettier and prettier.  I like the thing they have going on here with the lights and the sparking concrete walkways.

Finally we’re on to the last view for the night.  The city is looking great and peaceful, welcoming us into 2017, soon.

Chill walk through UC area.  Hope your today is productive as well.


Smooches, dearies

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