Spring in Philly, complete with snow and 72 ºF weather

Has the weather always been crazy like this?  to the best of my recollection, the last 2 years the outside conditions have been swinging more wildly than anything I can recall from the ears before.  We have freezing temperatures one morning and flip-flops weather the next morning. Yesterday I was freezing trying to walk from my car to my office building, just a few steps, wearing 4 layers; and today I was walking around the city in t-shirt and flip flops.

Here is the flip-flop proof:

Yeah, the snow’s been melting for a while…

Definitely ice cream weather outside and there is a small line of kids in the store.


Kids don’t want their jackets!! so busy moms would have to buy a new one for the next season. Hmm… what’ the price comparison for kid’s vs adult clothing?

Trees are starting to realize it’s Spring time around. Ah, I honestly cannot wait!  This feels like the longest of winters in a while…

Spring cleaning, so to speak.

And a great time to play chess in the park WHILE WEARING A T-SHIRT! Yay!

Rittenhouse park here in Philly is always full of vendors on a day like this.  Seven dollars for a tiny pot like this… I’m definitely in the wrong business.

Overall a gorgeously beautiful day!

Warm-enough for folks to take their shirts off.

Walk around, photographing magicians and such.  Nicely done.

Nice day to shop, too.  Guess is having a SALE!  I mean the item was $128.00 and for this one time only it’s down to $127.99.

Or this beautiful sweater top thing: was $118.00 and is now a steal at $117.99…

Fuck the good fuck!

I guess this weather is so gorgeous that drivers stop paying any attention to the streets around them… Hmm.  Thankfully everyone was OK, just some damage to the cars.  These people were laughing as I walked by and took their photo…….

Great day for a walk!  I’d take more photos but it started to rain so I had to hide in Wholefoods.  Now with a full bar… Who doesn’t love shopping for groceries drunk?! But more on that later.

See y’all around soon.


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