South Street Spring Festival in Philly

Yeah, I’m still at it—uploading old photos, sorry.  We were walking around all evening today, and there were some nice items to take photos of; however, I’ve decided to not take any more photos until I upload everything left over from this year…

Anyway, remember the Spring Festival on South Street in Philly? Always fun!

There are a number of events every year that take over South Street, but this seems like the bigger one of them and usually takes place sometime in early May. Tons of street vendors here, sprinkled with food, and, of course, beer. Many (if not most) of the local stores are showing off their stuff, many restaurants with free samples, etc. This is a great event for a nice-weather-walkaround. Yay! Let’s see what you’ve missed this year; or let’s remind you of the things you’ve seen while you were there.

This sticker somehow always freaks me out. But it’s one of the very few remaining stickers around.

Always a huge line here… I didn’t go when it was free and I refuse to go now when I have to pay. Most of the stuff is outside, anyway!… What’s the point, please explain to me.

I’ve developing a liking to taking photos of people taking photos. I just might make this into a new photo assignment… THERE’s an idea!

I did mention beer all over the place, right?

Brauhaus always takes care of us with the $7 pints. Very nice!

I think I’m not the only Philadelphian who likes a good pint…

We’re just out here, collecting the stamps.

And enjoying foods on the street.


I’m definitely not the only one taking photos.  How come I so rarely see any?!

$140 for a barrel of beer! Albeit a small barrel…

Computer head.

And a bike nerd.

This guy is pretty awesome!

Let’s see if I can embed here my instagram video…

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See my big banana?

And, of course, these fucking people!

“Woman!”…….. yeah, that’s the way to treat them! sigh

Love his style!

So, there you have it.  Spring Festival on South Street. If you miss it, you are missing out!



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