South Street Headhouse festival

There is a wonderful annual (?) event in Philly: South Street Headhouse festival. South Street lights up with drunk people and their drunker partners, friends, and buddies. Love it! Basically, for me, the event is centered around the Brauhaus pub on 8th and South and goes from there on to the rest of the pubs. The streets are blocked off and debauchery ensues. Lovely, nonetheless, and similar to Saint Patrick’s celebration; except this event only takes place for one evening and it’s only on South Street.

This time, instead of dragging my big camera around, I decided to take my video cam and tape this nonsense as it happens. I’ve edited all the video clips down to what I think is a little more interesting and more fun to watch, at least for me. Lots of fun memories! Many things didn’t make the cut but they are forever engraved in my memory, or at least for a week-or-so more.

Cheers and love to see you in/around Philly for one of these events. Let me know if you come out and we’ll join y’all.

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