Sometimes what you see…

We all love to watch people, right? Without being creepy, just watch and move our gaze to the next target, quickly. Well, a 200 mm lens is just the right recipe for something like that; and it’s been a while for me to take that baby out for a walk. Let’s see what I can find on the streets of Philadelphia with a 200 mm lens…. Last weekend in Philly was very ripe for a watch.

First, let’s make sure the camera is working right. Yep.

Target. Shoot. Timing on the camera is right. YAY!

Fathers walking their kids.

Catching up on homework.

Catching up on a chat.

Or just spreading our legs, getting ready to fly.

Philly has lovely growth in unexpected places.

Absolutely awesome play of light.

lovely couple, just walking around.

I’m with my girlfriend.

And I’m on my dope-ass bike.

I’m just chillin’

I’m walking my dog

I’m calling my girl

I’m trying to ignore mine

And I’m loving my dog!

I’m out of batteries…

I’m chill.  Just chill.

No!  I am chill! My chill is way better than your chill!

No, we are chill!

We’re just pulling some sweet moves

And so are we

Um… and so are we!

But we are just sweet

Huh? We chill

Nah, WE chill, yo!

Da fak? Me is chill. Word!

We just setting up

We are so cute. Hi!

Love is the word

And here I stumble on the best graffiti in the city of Philadelphia!

And the people is be chill.

For realz

Just get my money and chill

Word up

Chill. Relax. Take a moment. That’s right!

Oh, a bird!

Proper chill

Not chill. Thirty signatures short of a quota to keep her volunteer job… NOT chill!

He’s horrible, but chill.

She’s just enjoying all of this circus.

And she’s documenting it!

The ball!

The jump!

The hair!

The dress?

This guy is amazing.  Seems like his job is to clean out the “characters” from the front of the hotel. He’s doing fabulous.

Oh, and she IS fabulous.

So is he, in his own homeless way.

This place I have some memories connected with. No, not telling

And the girls are having an argument with a homeless dude who paid them compliments. Strange.

Tourist-watchers are on duty, just remember that!

So are the tourists! Now, the selfie ain’t gonna take itself!

Word, Bro!


No comment…


The above flowers… they come with some music, too.

And drinks.

And indecision.

Gorgeous day to take a stroll.

The homeless, unfortunately, have to start dressing warmer for the longer nights…

It’s even a very nice day for a smoke outside.

Or a nap. A nap is pretty nice, too.

Or a ride on the river. Gosh, it would be awesome to have a friend with jet-skies. I never want to actually own one [since I’d be that friend…] but I would love to ride on one. Thus, please feel free to invite me for a ride on yours :)

Or a boat. I’ll take a boat ride, too :)

We can have these guys watch us

Watch us do some tricks that is.

I bet that’s not as easy as it looks….

Didn’t I mention a perfect sunny day? It’s the right time to stuff yourself with some ice-cream!

Sigh. You’re riding with a lady on a duck boat and you’re staring at your phone?!

It’s better to go take some photos of your friends, for sure!

Or beg people for money… The orange monk has a buddy, apparently…


No, really, ZEN!

See all those tiny dots? I was trying to take photos of the flies… Yeah… it’s like that…

Next time, bring a book! ;-)

Hmm… what’s this?

It’s a lonely note, tied to a tree for some reason unknown to me.


Um… OK.

I need to write to my congressman or something. Aren’t our taxes supporting homeless programs? I have no idea, please forgive my ignorance. I read Ayn Rand and her support of Capitalism [yeah, I capitalized Capitalism!]; but I thought at least some portion of my taxes goes for the support of the needy? No?

Cute couple. I wish to be like that in a few years, when I look like that.

Philly is a very multicultural city.  I love it here.

I also keep seeing this guy and keep wondering what kind of a novel is he writing? Or is it a novel?

You know this!

No comment here. None needed.

I love the new trend of restaurants and coffee shops putting these incandescent lights outside. Very cute!

Most excellent and very enjoyable walk around the city. Philly is absolutely fabulous in all seasons but I especially love it in the Fall. Go on, grab your dusty camera, and head outside to take some shots of the strangers. You’ll maybe appreciate the wonderful lives they endure..?


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