Some photos from my backpack

I’ve been carrying my camera with me at all times for a few weeks now.  I’ve had some interesting projects that I’ll share later but here are some photos that simply don’t fit into any category at all.  There’s just a “pocket dump”; but since the cam is not in my pocket but rather in my backpack I suppose this is a “backpack dump”?

Recently I’ve made some candles for myself and for my friends.  Here’s me burning one while watching the tube and sketching.

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Ancient bike light.  I freaking bet it still works, too! :)

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Karaoke night I went to WITH SKELETOR! :-)  I’d make a separate post out of this if I had taken more than one photo…

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Friends…  Two am, three shot glasses.  This is what life is *really* all about.  Not the job, not the titles or business cards, but the friends to do shots with you at 3 am.  Thanks be to D and M for aiding me in missing my skate the next day :-)

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Flowers are always lovely, aren’t they?

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Here I was swiping [while waiting for the computer to finish some stuff] and decided to snap a pic, representative of our times: swipe left, buddy.

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Yep.  Just six practice shots that have no reason or rhyme.  I suggest you go take some pics and have a collection of meaningless shots, too :)

Love ya,


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