Social media experiments

Social media is not the reality, it is closer to fiction.  There is a certain persona that all of us put out forward to be on these sites, like Facebook, OkCupid, etc.  Well, I like to see the response to some things I post—just for my own entertainment—and this time I felt like sharing my experience with you.

So, about 2 weeks ago I was at home watching Grey’s Anatomy and working on some mindless things.  One of the characters was having a wild time trying to land a woman in his bed [which is pretty typical for this show] and I kind of connected with their emotional drama.  So, I decided to post the summary of the entire episode, but replacing the character’s name with “I”:

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.07.09 PM

Five women.  FIVE!  That’s a lot to juggle, given a busy surgical residency schedule (as the show is trying to portray).  Never mind that.  I got a lot of responses.  Quite a lot.  Very many.  I got phone calls from old friends, emails, messages, etc.  I count over 50 connections that this post had resurrected or rekindled—excellent!

What is interesting to me is that the clans had divided roughly into two halves: men told me to “stay the fuck away from Girl 4—she’s fucking married, man” and women told me to “go for the one I love” (which, I suppose is Girl 1, right?).

I hope my friends can forgive me for playing this small prank on them and I hope we can all appreciate the joke—it’s just a TV show I’ve re-told.  However, there is something deeper here: my male friends are afraid for their women being stolen and the women just want true love, even if it destroys existing relationships…  This is definitely something I need to ponder about as I seep my coffee and look at the ladies here, reading their books, pretending not to notice the cute guy that just walked in…

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