Remembering how spring was like in Philly

Slight overload of un-processed photos… Happens to the best of us, right? Here are my photos from walking around Philly in April, 2017. April 1st, to be exact, the April Fools’ Day.

On a side note, one of the most enjoyable things about taking photos, for me, is looking at them years later. This is a great time for you to take a moment and remember what you felt like just a few months ago. Remember looking up to the coming Summer, right? Now I’m looking up to the coming Fall foliage, skating on the leafy streets, etc. YAY, Fall is coming!

Penn campus is pretty nice.

If you know where to walk, you can catch the players practicing before the game…

Ah, Spring…

No NOTHING on this campus!!

Drexel Park has some nice views, too.

I love the views from the Spring Garden bridge, right by the Art Museum.

This is after a rain so there’s lots of trash in the water.  Why would you ever fish in this?!

Something’s coming…

We are 3,994 miles from Aix-en-Provence, France.

Yummy yum stop in at Penang, my fav restaurant in China Town.

Nice to get a coffee and read, right?

South Street is kind of dead, but still has a bit of charm left.

Of course, have to stop in at the Brauhaus.

Great wall art here in Philly.

And, as always, we have to pick up some cheese at the South Street WholeFoods (which was recently remodeled, by the way).

The Last Drop is my all-time-fav coffee shop in the city.  Go to the basement there!

Absolutely lovely walk all over the city. Great time, as I now remember. It’s about 8 miles total—not bad of a walk for one way, methinks. When was the last time you took a camera and your significant other and just walked around? Can’t remember?! Well, go change that! Now! Don’t thank me :)



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