Random city shots in Philly

Just walking around in the city of Philadelphia. Had a camera in my pocket and absolutely no purpose what-so-ever. I did some snaps and here are the ones I like.

No comment on this one.

This was still Fall.  Yeah, I’ve posting photos from four months ago :-)

Nice tree for a self-centered selfie. You know, I haven’t really gotten a hang of this whole selfie thing just yet… I know I suck… I’m trying to learn so you’d have to see a few bad ones until I … fuck it! I’m never learning how to take selfie shots.  I’ll take a few and that’s it!

This be a deer, I suppose. A moss deer. Fuck it! I’m all-in!


Great place for kids, smack in the center of Philadelphia.

Complete, with an ice-skating rink [and a place to get beers, gents. BEERS!]

Like so. Like so.

Or a fancy coffee.  Who doesn’t like overpriced coffee here?!

Look, ma, I can do reflection photos, too.

I cando concrete-garden shots, too. YAY

More reflections. Fuck, I’m bored!

Streets are nice.

Drove somewhere, too, I think to get alcohol in NJ: it’s cheaper there.

Lots of water infrastructure problems here in Philly, always.

Overall, looks like a great day. Hope this inspired you to grab a camera and do outside shooting.



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