Pre-Thanksgiving day off is great for rebooting my brain

Don’t know about you, my friend, but I am a bit burnt-out with 2017’s shenanigans… My office is officially half-closed today so I decided to fully close it for myself and clothing-store-hop with my girlfriend. This is a very important bonding experience which requires exactly zero brain activity. It is pretty awesome to look at a 100 fucking coats to finally get that WOW when you find the perfect forest-green one with black lining that she really likes and makes her look winter-ready… Nope! No draining brain activity at all; only happy brain activity. This is good. This is exactly what mid-week day off should feel like.

Interestingly, I feel very guilty when leaving the house. I slept until almost 10am. Unheard of for me [on the weekend I have sports stuff and during the week I try to get up at 6:30am]. Already a great start of the day. We leave the house a bit after noon and all I can think about is to hide from people… I have NO PURPOSE today… How can you walk without a purpose?! No meeting to go to. No emergency to address… Wait, I am addressing an emergency: my brain needs rebooting. Yes, I have a purpose! To do nothing that requires any thinking.

Ah, aren’t these plants grande?

I love to hate the Fall.  Foliage is magnificent but so fucking messy and disgustingly stinky… but somehow peaceful. Change of the year is coming… new life will be here soon.

Let’s just focus on what we see and smell. Yeah, we see trees with missing green and smell rotting ex-greens; but I am thinking of the importance of those sensations being the only focus of my day. Not coworkers, not funding, not government changes, not management changes on top of my head, not anything, just the colors and the smells [that you can almost taste!].


Yeah… Water + leaves + 50ºF + mixing by cars and feet = uncountable explosion in the micro-world. You see a dirty puddle but I see a galaxy full of vibrant life; which, incidentally, produces volatile sulfur compounds to make sure I’m well-aware of their presence ;-)

The city is peaceful. Most likely because important people are at work. This leaves the lazy me with a great sense of accomplishment. Somebody had to do nothing today! Guys, I got you covered! It was on me today. I DID THE NOTHING!

Rittenhouse is kind of empty, too. Lotsa bums, though. I guess that’s my job today. I’m helping the bums with their nothing.

On a side note, when did Philly become the “America’s Garden Capital”?! Has that always been a thing?

Another side note, I keep seeing this #JusticeForMeek all over the place… Hmm. Perhaps I need to read what that is all about. Those of you who are in the know, please know that your brothers are out there advertising. Those of you who are like me, let’s all go and look this up, shall we? I’m too lazy to post a link. You do it!

My journey is at its end with the pink crane that’s “RAISING HOPE”. Now, before you say anything, please tell me how many of YOUR stories have ended with a pink crane? Yeah?!, thought so!

Now, my friend, I have successfully completed my task for today. I did absolutely nothing [productive] and I have successfully thought of nothing [useful]. My task is complete and I shall retire to an action movie or a sit-com as the final nail in this coffin.



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