Pre-Christmas Philly with 60F weather, rain, and light-painted City Hall…

Christmas… I always forget about Philadelphia’s mild winters, coming here from Chicago (and Russia before then). Late December—almost New Year—and Philly is enjoying a 60F day! Albeit a rainy one.

City is full of festive lighting.

Festive, but very freaking weird decorations.

Flowers! In late December!

And there are some funky rocks here, too.

Lots of lights everywhere.

Rittenhouse is less festive than in the previous years.

Snow?! How?! But OK

This is what most of the city streets look like today.

City Hall is happening :)

Lots of little stores. What does this have to do with a religious holiday?! Ah, whatever. It’s a consumer haven.

Too bad the ice rink is a pool today :)

I feel like there are less lights in the City Hall than in the last years… I need to go back and look at my photos but I’m being lazy, sorry.

They sell beer at the City Hall. This is great!

Interestingly, the TV is incased in a frame reading “SPEND YOUR DAYS TRULY LIVING”. This is on top of a TV. How is that living? :) Truly living?!

I heard about a light show here. Hmm. Not bad.


But the show is kind of nice.

Yep. A little wet, but it was worth it. Got to see the light-painting of the City Hall and buy $50 sweater for $5 (but that is another story).

Happy holidays, y’all!


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