We are prepping for the pope visit. Yay!  Walked by a few exhibits at the Art Museum yesterday and walked out to this, so just had to go over and take a look.

First, there are many many powerful lights all over the place.  I think they are planning to see the Philly nights go away.

The Pope-fence is all over the place in the parkway.

The stage setup is quite impressive, indeed.  I see this is costing a lot a lot of money…

Brand new chairs by thousands…  I suppose this is the inner inner inner circle of friends, huh?

Rows and rows of fridges with soft drinks (I know you can’t see it from the photo so you just have to trust me on this one).

I’m glad I’m staying in Philly for this and I’m sure this will be quite some insane nonsense all over the place, for sure!