Photo assignment: Concrete

Concrete is one of those materials that most of us ignore as we are walking on it or under it but it’s ubiquitous in all of our lives and at all of the times. Do you even notice it, anymore?!  Let’s pretend we are kids and everything is amazing, shall we? Let’s walk around and look at all things concrete.

Here’s my wall.

And my sidewalk.

Some magic, tucked away between the cracks.

Infinite patterns.

Oh-so-many hidden secrets.

Not-so-well-hidden, too.

And the amazing interfaces of metal and concrete. Do you ever look at them anymore?

And whatever the hell drove these people to paint their walls lime green…

And, of course, the natural lime green cover.

And those who make it happen for us.

And the statues, too.

Sadly, I forgot to charge the camera; so, with a blinking red light, I have to leave you with these images and collect some more on some other occasion.

Go take some photos!


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