Philly Spring photowalk and accidental comparison of Fujifilm X70 and Nikon D800e w/ 24-70 lens…

Decided for a photowalk. How nice. Which camera to bring? Hmm, a tough question, for once. Well, you take the Fujifilm X70 and I’ll take the Nikon D800e with 24-70 lens, how about it?

Well, the date settings were off, so I have a nice rare chance here to compare the two cameras. Fuji, first, and then the Nikon. WOW, what a difference!!

Fujifilm X70

Flowers are in bloom.  This is, afterall, March in Philly.

The city is looking great in the afternoon light.

Let’ go for a walk, shall we?

Run path is nice.

Huff puff :)

Nothing like playing with your dog!

P.S. people, leash those fuckers! When I’m on skates,… it’s not so easy to stop… Next time I’m just gonna fucking run over your pooch!!

I love this bridge, right as the view of the Art Museum emerges.

Nice to ride with your kids!

Some kind of pre- or post- construction here at the museum. Always some events that fuck up the grass… YAY!

The sidewalks in this area are in desperate need of attentions… yeah…

Philly sunsets are usually pretty nice.

As are the night views.

And this relatively new tradition of covering trees in christmass lights… love it!

That’s a cool design for entrance steps!

Hello, kitty :)

Poor tree was in the way of some construction :(

The was it for the night.

Ah, the Nikon was way off on the time stamp so here we go.  This is the SAME path, same places, same photos!!… WOW, what a difference.

Nikon D800e

Holy shit!  Scroll up, see the difference, this photo with the first one from the tiny camera. Fuck me! This is amazing.

Full-frame fast camera makes a ton of difference!

See what I mean?!

You can catch far more with this one than the small one. It’s very clear where the money goes.

All these runners are making my fat ass want to exercise a bit more… nah!

Same dog. But such a better shot!  No, it’s not the photographer… it’s the camera!

You go, girl!

i can do this…

Or this. Nice! The above and below shots are 0.1 seconds apart.

I can even catch the bus driver :)

Skaters are dope!  One day I might consider… nah!

But they do look very awesome. Looks like a great time!

Even the little ones are at it :)

Great place to play with your dog.

WholeFoods… Beers!  Hey, this is new for Philly! Please let me indulge and enjoy, thanks.

Moon rising

Moon over the city… Good luck trying to catch this with that puny camera!

If you scroll up, you’ll see the same shot with Fuji. WOW! What a difference…

Again, WOW! What a difference!

Same steps… What a difference!

Even the Hello kitty here is way different.

This, sir, is a man with some style!  I don’t like his style, but … he’s got a style (which is more than what I can say for most of others…).

Bottom line: WOW, I should really take the big camera out for a ride more often!

Cheers and I hope you’re inspired now to go take some photos.


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