Philly looks nice as it prepares for Christmas… BEFORE Thanksgiving!!

It was nice to walk around in the city today.  No special purpose outside of wanting to get a dinner and having a camera handy.  Let’s see what I came up with for this Fall day in Philly.

It’s close to the last of the Fall so the leaves are mostly on the street, preparing to rot and rotting. Sure smells like it!

We get more of the sky now! :)

The wind pattern here is pretty amazing: even though we have a study 20+ mph wind, here the leaves assemble themselves into a stable pile. I should use this for the next time I need to introduce turbulent flows to students :)

See, there are patterns here, too, just not as strong.

No pattern here. Just a pink Pedophile-looking bear… Scary!!

I love the leaves-filled puddles. There’s something solemn about that.

That and the natural gas burner in the lantern on a building…

These stinky things!!! Eww!!

And the rotting pumpkins everywhere… We should make a law against Halloween decorations for more than 30 seconds beyond Halloween…

Band… They’re trying to mooch money off pedestrians. No, you are not good-enough for me to want to see you again. This is how it should be: if you want to PAY to see a performer or a performance come back to the park, well, then you should pay. These guys are collecting money with the attitude of “well, WE ARE HERE to pay up!”.  Nah. No, thanks.

City Hall is a cash-making Christmas machine now… OK, fine!

At least there’s a nice ice skating rink.

But, Christmas??!!  Isn’t it a bit early?!

Oh, and what is this all about, does anybody know?

Great afternoon walking around!  Hope you had a chance to have some fun.



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