Philadelphia skyline

I went, with a friend, for a picnic in one of my favorite locations in Philly.  This is a rarely-visited lawn with awesome view of the city and few people around.  Yes, there are people, but there are few and far between.  I like it quiet :).  I remembered that I know how to make HDR photos and decided to practice a bit.

Here’s a view from our blanket.


See the quad copter there in the center?  Gosh, there were a bunch of these!  Now, this is a non-HDR image.


This is the same photo in HDR.  See the difference?


I like it here.  Also, I need to practice HDR more often, clearly.


Some kids came to chill and smoke their cigarettes (say it with Scotties accent).


Got to be night so I made a slightly surreal HDR.


Lovely evening, indeed.


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