One Day Find

I have long been fascinated with objects of human creation; and I’m not talking about the pyramids of Egypt or space crafts. A fork is something that, at some point, did not exist, and neither did a cell phone.  I am flabbergasted at the items I see all around me at all times.  I find a lot of these, too, either lost or discarded, right on the streets that I am walking on.  I’ve long been harboring an idea to do this, so here it comes. I’ll take photos of the items I find every day and post them here, together with a story, in the One Day Find category.  Originally, I’ve started a separate blog on but quickly decided against it for various reasons [interested in the reasons—just ask].

I’ve setup a little… setup (and plan to build a more elaborate one, too). This way I can share the stuff that I find with you.


And here are the tweezers I found yesterday (which was the last drop in the bucket to start this section of the blog).



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