My experience with Nikon KeyMission 80 (day 0)

Got the Nikon KeyMission 80 shipped to me yesterday and decided to give this toy a shot today.  It’s a beautiful Saturday here in Philly so I went on my usual skate (inline) with the group.  After the skate I took my lady out to brunch and walked around the city a bit, snapping pics. KeyMission 80 advertises itself as an ideal solution for such a day and, let me tell you, it definitely is.

The quality of the photos is on par with my iPhone 6 but the key advantage of this toy is that it is a little bit faster to take a photo (since it’s a dedicated device) and it’s quite a bit more durable and cheaper than an iPhone.  How do I know it’s durable?  Well, I fell while trying to take a photo, on skates, and did drop the cam. Nothing! Just a small scratch you can’t even see unless I point it out to you.  No need to point out the big crack on my iPhone screen to anyone…

Bottom line for me: it’s a keeper.  I’ll use it for skating, walking around (when I don’t feel like carrying a real camera), and generally keeping this toy with me at all times for all purposes.  I just need to figure out a good way to keep it on my persona, since everything Nikon ships with it is useless crap.

This camera is pretty small and well-built.  Feels really good in my hand (though shootings takes some time to get used to).


And here it is next to my car keys.  It’s pretty tiny.


I took over 220 photos, duplicating many shots, just in case.  Battery didn’t even budge!  No video today, just photos.

Even though it’s only my first day, the camera took me about 10 minutes to get used to and I was snapping-while-skating right-away.

Take a look at these photos.  These are straight from the camera (I just sized them down to 1600x1600px to keep my server happy). No edits at all! This is exactly what came out of the camera. Keep in mind, more than half of these shots were done while in-motion, skating on shaky, bumpy roads…

The rest of the pics I took walking around. About half the time I’d stop to take a photo but the rest of the time I kept on walking, purposely to not distract my purpose of getting to-and-from brunch with photo-taking. The few face shots of me with the lady are done on the face-camera in selfie-mode.

Overall, I am very impressed!  Thank you, Nikon, and fuck you, other reviewers!  I read a shit-ton of not-so-nice reviews of this camera…  The fuck?!  It’s awesome, at 1/3 the price of an iPhone and same quality while being freaking TINY!  Nobody… NOBODY I took photos of even paid any attention to me at all.  Fabulous tourist camera (for when you don’t want to lug anything bigger around).

Go outside, it’s nice!


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