My experience with a standing desk: Day 2

I am writing this, while standing. So, I’ve been seeing articles about standing desks and I’ve seen many of these products pop up on the market.  I thought about buying one numerous times but never felt ready for two reasons: 1) they are ridiculously expensive; and 2) they seem all to be large and don’t look comfortable.  My current computer desk is very simply and I’ve always gravitated towards clean simplicity, paperless office, etc. Yesterday I was a Lowes, getting parts for my leaky faucet, and decided to walk through IKEA and take a look at their selection of standing desks.

When I got to IKEA’s standing desk section I was thoroughly disappointed, as I expected. All are relatively expensive and all are overly complicated. Fuck that! But, walking through the kitchen area I saw this desk.  It is 40″ tall—almost the right height for a standing desk. For my height, standing desk should be about 42″ tall. AHA!  How about I get this desk and go back to Lowes and get some wheels for it.

standing desk (1 of 4)

At just $129+tax this is a very good desk to try out without over-investing into something I am not sure I would actually use.

It’s a single item, not heavy, and fits perfectly into my Mini Cooper’s trunk.

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Just over a half-hour to put this together, another 30 minutes for the glue to dry (had to drill and glue the wheels in) and here we have it.

standing desk (3 of 4)

As I said, I am writing this post while standing.  I have my coffee and my vape right next to me. I can watch my fish float or I can spin around and watch TV or… I have 360º of freedom and I don’t have to get up off the chair to get more coffee—I’m already standing.

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So-far, I’ve had my breakfast today, standing up and watching some YouTube tutorials. Very comfortable and the height is perfect for me—very lucky there.  I’m 5′ 10″ and at 42″ this desk is just right for comfortable typing, without hunching over. I have to keep my back straight to type comfortably; but, hey!, I am supposed to keep good posture, right?  I am even thinking of dropping power off the ceiling so I can move around while charging my accessories (right now I’m running on a battery).

I will try to post about my experience this this new addition to my house somewhat regularly for a while to share this experience with you.

Love you.


p.s. you can just search this site for “standing desk” tag (right now: only one article).

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