Locksmith in a box or how technology moves

Technology always amazes me.  These days I think a lot about the fact that I am a scientist and not a technologist—I need to scientify everything I do and not think about the technological implementations of my inventions.  Technology is something that needs to be left to the amazing minds behind something like this item I found yesterday.

We were walking around the city without much aim, since everything was closed for the long Christmas weekend. Realizing I need cash, we stop into 711 store and, next to the bank machine, is this!

This, to me, is freaking amazing!  You take a key, put it in a hole, wait a few minutes (after swiping your credit card), and there’s a copy of your key!!!  How insane is that?!

The box even has a fingerprint scanner so you can create a secure account for your key…

On a side note, there is now my credit card, along with my email, zip code, house key, and a fucking FINGERPRINT!! stored somewhere on a server.  These servers are relatively easy to hack, you know…

Anyway, I think this is truly amazing and flabbergastingly cool!

Go technology, go!


Love you

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