My foodie experience at the Philadelphia’s Marigold Kitchen (Summer menu)

Rarely do I write about food (yet I do sometimes eat…). Well, here’s one of Philly’s hidden gems: Marigold Kitchen. This place is excellent and somewhat unique (to this area) in that there is no menu. NO MENU. Yes, you read that right. You get ten courses of chef’s selections for this season. Every season the menu is different. The theme for this Summer is… I forgot it! Something to do with Philadelphia. I think it was “Philly ghettos”. Not that, but something close to that. Foods inspired by street foods you can get anywhere in Philly. This South Street junk foods. Corn, milkshakes, s’mores, pita, etc. Beautifully prepared tiny portions but don’t be fooled, you’ll be filled! First plate looks small, yes, but don’t forget about 9 more plates on the way…

I really like the decor of this place.  It’s like visiting grandma’s old place in the Drexel Hills area of Philly, right in the heart of UPenn. Old building, converted into a restaurant.

Here’s their info, in case you didn’t click the link above.



Whoops, forgot to take photo of the third… Here’s what’s left over…


I need some more water!


Whew. Intermission. Cleansing my palette with some water ice. Green water ice. With fancy ingredients I can’t recall but that taste quite summery.



No way, I can’t take anymore food! NO!

Unless it’s desert :)

And more desert. This is number 10, I think. Did I count it right?

That was a good shake, with s’mores and a cracker.

Oh, finally there is a menu.  Here’s what you had.

Pretty awesome. Marigold Kitchen. Give them a try if you’re OK with letting the chef make all the selections for you.

Cheers and enjoy the long weekend, get some good grub on!


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