Early November in Philly—look’n great!

Philly is gorgeous in the Fall.  I’d say we have a nearly-tropical climate so it is great to watch all the vegetation prepare for the wondrous Winter season. Every possible color is available for your viewing pleasure. Just grab your camera and walk out of your apartment and you’re in this…

We find some rather disturbing pumpkins here..

Some cute tiny ones, too.

Streets are just begging to be walked this time of the year.

Even the dark and dirty back alleys are precious!

See what I mean?

You can find a display of old mirrors that you can get silly with. Selfie time!!

Oh, that’s adorable! Kind of… Mam, there is a dead dog on your porch and the rats already ate all the meat off… yes, there is a skeleton of a dog on your porch. Yes, for-realz.

I continue to be amazed that the flowers are blooming while I am shopping for winter gear and resurrecting down comforter from the storage…

Ah, so freaking amazing! Just look up every once in a while—you won’t regret it!

See?  You can catch a rat-with-a-pretty-tail if you just look up every once in a while.

Is this what they mean when they say “the leaves are turning”?

Nice paint job there, buddy…

Leftover “spider webs”…

Ah how cute… Wait, WHAT?!

LOL!  There is a pineapple there… Well, that one’s pretty freaking creative! Haven’t seen that before… Cool!

Oh, fuck! Seriously! Man, it’s just barely past Halloween weekend! Well, City Hall is setting up Christmas decorations…

Opening to the public on November 10th…

Yep. I had to see it for myself… Yeah, Macy’s had gone and put up a Christmas tree. That’s almost 2 months…!!! Sigh…

But… alas… the Winter is coming. Pubs had put up the gas heaters. Not much needed, yet, but they are a reminder of what is to come.

Still, we can enjoy wet downpour, not the white, solid, and cold one. Not just yet.

Still, most of the streets look more like early Fall…

Still plenty of flowers everywhere.

Oh, and these folks forgot an “O” in their name ;-)

One good thing is that Oktoberfest beers are still on tap!

Well, is was a very nice walk in the beautiful city of Philadelphia. Hmm… Now that I wrote that sentence, I feel like I am over-promoting Philly. Nah, take a look at all the above photos! Wherever you are, wouldn’t you like to take the same walk with me? Wouldn’t you call it “beautiful”?


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