Eagles parade aftermath

I had to be at work today for a meeting so I missed the actual parade. If you want to see that, I suggest finding a different video. I only got out of the house around 2pm and walked over to the Art Museum, then towards the Love Park but lost my mojo and turned back towards South Philly somewhere around 20th Street.

What a fucking shit-show! First thing I saw today (sorry I didn’t catch that on camera!), were three 20-somethings “ladies” sitting on a bench, giggling. I smiled at them as the middle one turned blood-orange-red and shied her eyes away, right as I notice a stream of pee… She was still wearing her jeans, too. Classic! This is at 2pm on a Thursday. Pure perfection!

Massive crowds all over the general Art Museum / Broad Street areas… I am very proud to live in the city of such amazing sports teams. Eagles! Flyers! they just keep on making us more and more proud! But, common, people! do we have to show our pride by puking on the Art Museum steps in mid-afternoon???

Also, this is my first try at a 360ยบ video. I hope it turned out OK and I do welcome any creative criticism and recommendations on how I may improve.

All-in-all, a great afternoon. Interestingly, my girlfriend and I were hungry but could NOT find anywhere on South Street to eat: EVERYONE was sold out…. This is great for our local economy! Thank you very much, Eagles fans.

Cheers and let’s pray for the same next year!


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