Drive to AC, some months back

A few week ago… waaaaait… it’s been 4 months on the dot?! WOW. I’ve been sitting on these photos for 4 months, apparently… Well, we took a drive to AC and I practiced a nice time-lapse video of the drive.  I just re-watched it and it looks pretty cool (while I thought it looked boring right after I shot it). It is relaxing to take a look at your past travels for some people, myself included.

Brrr!  I just walked in from a nice walk in shorts and a t-shirt, 80ºF weather, you know. Nah, I don’t really miss the cold :). Yay!  A Road trip is always nice

FMC building is coming along well.

Driving over to Jersey.

Oh, there’s the camera, recording upside down… I wonder if it’ll auto-correct itself… [it did]

AC Highway visitor center

Here are the splendid views for the passenger… yeah, right!


At least we have wind power here

And there are plenty of underpasses

My favorite casino [that I never go to]

And the other casino I’ve been meaning to take a look at for over 10 years now… one day… maybe… not

At, the view from the bridge over to Brigantine

And… the Brigantine

Like I said…

Nice center-of-the-city lighthouse installation. Cute but useless

Oh, aaaaaand I’m back home… except I can’t get there…

How do you block the ENTIRE bridge and redirect the traffic onto a highway… Philly! Eight years in Chicago and this had never happened to me…


Well, this was a fun drive and certainly a good memory to hold on to.

When was your last road trip?  Was it fun?


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