Drive from Philly to Atlantic City and back, timelapse

Slightly bored, we decided to take a drive to Atlantic City, NJ.  To be more precise, the drive is across the bridge from there: to Brigantine, a smaller city nearby AC.  I am still learning how to use the GoPro camera and decided to do a 0.5 second interval timelapse video, this time. The result is so-so, but here it is, for your consideration.

Drive there:

Drive back:

Yeah, both flics are pretty boring.  More importantly, the night one is focused on the hood of the car so the whole video is blurry. This is important to note for me for future videos and for you (assuming you’ve actually watched both, at least for a second) to not make this mistake.

In general, I think I am starting to get a hang of the capabilities of this system.  More fun videos to come!  I mean “more” and I mean “more fun”, too.



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