Dragon Boat festival

Did you know anything about the International Dragon Boat festival?  Me neither.  But apparently there is such a thing (link is to the Philly race).  A few short months ago a friend of mine approached me with a strange request to occupy my Thursdays with sweat and water.  Oh, but why would I possibly refuse such an enticing proposal—I thought to myself, agreeing.  Boat?  With twenty people?!  Invented by, you guessed it, the Chinese, this is a fun sport that you can read all about on Wikipedia.  Overall, this is a superb team-building exercise and a great outdoor activity.  I think I’m hooked now and I highly recommend for you to try this, if you ever get a chance.  Here are some photos from the event and a v-log of me wandering around the tents, watching drunk sailors prepare for the next race.

Horrid cellphone quality, but the shot is descriptive of reality.


This be out team.


And we get some t-shirts to prove we were there :-).


And medals :-)!!!


The video is very much all over the place since I spent most of the time chatting with my new friends rather than videotaping everyone.

Hope this short introduction is enough to get you interested in attending one of these events.  Or, if you’re biking on the river trail and see us setting up, come up and say Hi—we could always use more people to cheer us on.

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