Dinner with friends

Don’t you agree that a nice dinner with nice friends in nice?  I frequently forget how unbelievably awesome it is to go to the suburbs and share a nice home-cooked meal with friends…  This is a cornerstone of our living, of our life.  We run around, in this crazy work-life, all day and all night, completing tasks, checking off items on a to-do list, being insanely busy, etc.  It is terribly swell to just sit down, by a fire pit, and relax, chat about something interesting, perhaps involving politics or mutual friends, or the future of something, or, fuck it!, gossip!  About that, … gossip…  Isn’t gossiping just a free exchange of information and our opinions on the daily happenings in the world?  Basically, we can “gossip” about the next iPhone or something like that.  Dinner.  Friends.  Chatting.  Let’s lookup definition of “gossip” shall we? Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 11.05.28 PM Hmm.  So I was wrong.  “Gossip” has to be about other people.  Reports about other people that are not confirmed.  Well then, let’s not engage in gossip but rather just chat then, shall we? And what party, in New Jersey, do you expect without a fire pit? And, of course, some kind of protein on the grill?! party-with-Guceri-1 Yum. party-with-Guceri-2 Definitely I need to do this more often.  And so should you!

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