Bored? Make funky videos!

Waiting for my computer to finish doing what it’s doing… How often do we find ourselves in this setup at the office?! Not sure what you do, but I tend to read science and technology news sites; and today I stumbled on MacWorld’s article about new app from Apple: Clips. Oh, wow, an-Apple-something-that-I-don’t-yet-have?!! Oh, it is a must download!

Fun little app to play with, for sure.  It’s fast and very easy to figure out—quite intuitive. First, you make a video. Here’s my keyboard, why not?

Well, iPhone’s auto brightness is way off at the end but who cares!  Let’s see what this app can do. Turns out quite a bit of funky stuff.  There are a number of different filters, overlays, etc that you can easily add to the video with a nifty results you can share with friends (standard sharing menu on the phone) or just save it to your library (which is what I did: why would my Facebook want to see this, right?).

Total time to make this video: less than 30 seconds. Here’s the result.

Took me far longer to convert videos to GIFs and post this than it did to create this nifty video.  I’m quite happy with the result and I’m sure I’ll now be annoying my friends with these fancy animations.

Oh, the product video is square… OK, why not?


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