Atlantic ocean in the winter: the New Jersey coast version

There is little like the ocean beach in the winter and, lucky, there is one nearby Philadelphia: the Brigantine beach in New Jersey. It is a small town, frozen in time, and is definitely a place to visit, if you have not been there in a while [or ever]. The Brigantine beach is typically not-too-crowded even in the Summer; Winter is just absolutely amazing here!

The Direct TV dish gives away the century here.  Otherwise this could be a photo from 1980s.

NO NOTHING!  Does anyone ever read these ever at all ever?!

There are nicely protected lands here that never totally die out, even in the dead of winter.

Nice, right?

Wind is lightly buzzing over your head as you head over to the nicer sands.

There is ONE DUDE… ONE! These are definitely as secluded as it gets, just a couple of miles from the Atlantic City and 60 miles from Philly.

You can count how many people were here today (photo taken at mid-day).

YAY! Oy la li la li laaaaaa!

Pristine sands here.  Want to make a sand angel?


FYI, the water IS cold… So is the wind.  But it’s alright—sun’s pretty bright today.

The birds do have to scan ever shell, right?

Distant casinos remind you where you are; otherwise it’s pretty zen here.

Somebody was playing with their dog here.

This photo is now my desktop wallpaper. This is how you make desktop wallpapers: get the fuck outside and snap a dang pic!

These horseshoe crabs always freak the fuck out of me… these little fuckers are over 450,000,000 years old… Just think about that, let it sink in. Four hundred fifty MILLON years…

Or these.

Some brave souls are in the water.


I bet life had started in one of these lakes some loooong time ago.


A rope? Perhaps it used to be some long time ago.


Look at the size of this thing!!

Anh likes to scare some birds :-)

Interesting sand-water patterns here.

Lovely houses up in here. Even in the dead of Winter, there is constant Summer here.

The Atlantic City itself is pretty dead this time of the year.

Views are always so nice over here…

AC looks pretty dead now.  I hope the economy here picks up by the Summer.

Well, it got too much cold so we ran home for some warm drinks.

Cheers and go spend some time outside!


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