Asia, 2015

This was an interesting and quite eventful trip. Once again, I am convinced that Asia holds a significant power, a “sleeping monster”, I believe I called it last time. Well, things have not changed. I am still quite amazed at this place. I had a little more free time this time around than I did previously so I’ll separate videos and pictures into different posts, based on the cities I’ve visited.

On this trip I managed to hit up:

Each story is worth checking out and I know you’ll get a few laughs from my videos (v-logs, so-to-speak).

Here are the five photos I think are the best from this trip:

From Guangzhou

I didn’t really take any photos there… So he’s my best one… Ha ha


From Dalian

I like this peaceful morning (~7-something am) shot.  Reminds me of how Zen Asia can really be and all the reasons I love coming here.


From Beijing

I don’t know why, but I love this photo, for some reason.  To me, this is very representative of my visit to Beijing: city full of curiosity [for me] and a heart of the country that will surprise me greatly, in my lifetime.


From Seoul

I like the green roofs of Seoul.  Would be interesting to find out the reason behind this color selection.


From Jeju

* cover image from Wiki.

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