Anything new happening in Philly (report from May 28th, 2017)

Still going with uploading oldish photos here. This is from May 28th, 2017. We decided to walk around with the mind on “new stuff”, whatever that means… The whole idea is to see if there is something I can find that’s not the same as the last time I was out for a photo walk.

Well, the blaring difference are the two completed towers! Roberts Center and the FMC tower.

Roberts Center is looking very invitingly great.

The views from this tower are just splendid!

There’s the upcoming bridge over the train tracks. Metal and gorgeous, it still remains locked :(

FMC tower is looking great, too.

Some new route markings on the run path…

New graffiti, but I didn’t photograph the old one, so it doesn’t really matter, I suppose.

Philly is looking great!

The Cira Center Green is something to definitely check out! This is relatively new.

Great place to hand out, on top of the garage.

With some amazing views of the city.

Oh, they have a nice cafe downstairs, too. All industrial style and all…

Complete, with the angry-looking teens.

Philly is looking quite green, too.

Rittenhouse park is always a great place to hang.

I love these RED and GREEN lights together… happens quite often here :)

City Hall is now completely cleaned up. Very nice, indeed.

Flowers are in bloom. Yep, this is definitely late May, early June.

We have our own version of Pandora here in Philly.

Great place to get a pint.

I love this Walkers sculpture.

Of course, there is no time like the cake time! :)

Or a beer time!

Philly is always great in the Spring and you will always find something new, every time you look.

Go on and take a walk outside. Trust me, you will not regret it; and your girlfriend would love you for it! :)



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