Aimless walk-around in Philly with a camera—a “photo walk”

Many photography blogs and articles and such urge you to take your camera and just go. So, here is us “just going”. Absolutely no clue about what’s up, absolutely no clue about anything, no plans, just camera and walking.  Let’s see what comes out of it, shall we?

First of all, even though it’s not even October, the streets are already covered in leaves.

All along, in Philly, it’s still t-shirt weather.

Spring and Summer are construction seasons; so now we are seeing the end of it. Good.

Ah, some color is starting to appear.  This is wonderful.  We are off to a new season :)

Even some new installations at the Rittenhouse.  Check these out if you get a chance.  These are pretty dope!

Balloon guys are now offering drive-through service, I suppose.

Street vendors are here.

So are the beggars… Don’t I pay taxes?! But, alas, the city is ripe with these characters.

At least I can get some coffee in peace.

Street performers are awesome!  Such a close concept to your typical beggar but I love the guys: they contribute something positive to the picture.

Window cleaning? I don’t know. The fuck are cranes doing in the middle of Broad Street?!


I’ve always wondered what’s in those relay post office boxes…. ah, it’s just empty!

Some re-construction is just awesomely beautiful, isn’t it?

Just look at the way those windows are designed!!

Whew. Nothing like a pint of beer for a tired traveler, with a nice backdrop of jazz.

Jazz… and puddles.

Ah, the Philly Gayborhood…!

I think, in the last 3-5 years, the number of street performers had increased, don’t you agree?

City streets are nothing short of interesting.

And it is lovely that Philly still has these ancient streets to wonder around…

all-along, finding Euro-tuning cars, too.

Just make sure you pay for your parking; since the city’s workers are on the watch!

Well, not a bad photo-walk, don’t you agree?  No rime or reason there, just a walk around the city.  Here’s what Philly looks like, in case you were wondering.

Come visit us, soon!



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