Zen states that my cat keeps on teaching me

Many of you know that I rescued a cat about a year ago. Aza is amazing. He is both wise and utterly dumb; and you can never tell which mode he is in (usually both at the same time, which is pretty amazing in and of itself).

Today I want to share two interesting ideas Aza has taught me.

Idea one: Stick to what you love no matter what

We keep buying presents to Aza. Different kinds of toys, mostly. There are fancy catnip-filled mice that make sounds, there are bells, balls, rotating things, …. cat toys of all sorts. This fucking thing wonderful animal had developed a certain affection for oblong objects like my fancy-ass bamboo chopsticks, pens, and gasp knives!!

My girlfriend is off for the holidays. Yesterday she took some of her time away from her studies and cleaner up under the fridge, under the TV, and in various other under-the-… areas. Here’s the under-the couch catch.

Here be the results from under the fridge. [by the way, as I am writing this, my black marker is again missing!]

And here is the whole catch-of-the-day. He needs a fucking girlfriend is what I think! KNIFE! K.N.I.F.E.!! Sigh.

What is the moral of the story here? Fuck everyone else’s opinion and love what you want to love. Zen. If you love the chopsticks why care for $30 in fake mice? These are real chopsticks and are irreplaceable. Love them just as they are. Knifes, too, who doesn’t love chewing on a knife?

Idea two: be yourself

Some months are we got him a fancy house. Actually, that’s mom’s moving-in present to Aza the cat. He uses it occasionally (as you can probably tell by the ripped up posts) but this is not the house he likes. No, not the $60 cat-dedicated unit, no.

We love master’s photo box!

Yeah we fucking do.

So, this is a small shallow wooden box, filled with photographs. WHY?!?! Why not that fucking orange bowl behind you?! Why my photo box? Those are my precious memories that your ass is on! They are not even comfortable!!

Again, the moral of the story here, for me, is to try to enjoy the places I prefer regardless of the opinion or recommendations of others. Already, I skate. ┬áTranslation: I enjoy spending 2-3 hours couple of times a week with my feet tightly squeezed into rather uncomfortable shoes WITH WHEELS ON THEM. Fuck it, this is what I like! This is where I’m comfortable. Fuck your fancy cat house, I’ll sleep on a pile of photos, thank you very much.

Cats are wise. ┬áLet’s observe cats. Let’s learn from cats. Let’s be more like cats, at least sometimes.



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