Philadelphia, PA

Spring into Summer in Philly

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Yesterday was perfect weather and a great day to walk around. Philadelphia is a very walker-friendly place and yesterday was definitely good for it. What is the purpose of this post? I hope I achieve a great success by this post if it only reminds you to go outside and have some fun.  Walk around, […]

Spring in Philly, complete with snow and 72 ºF weather

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Has the weather always been crazy like this?  to the best of my recollection, the last 2 years the outside conditions have been swinging more wildly than anything I can recall from the ears before.  We have freezing temperatures one morning and flip-flops weather the next morning. Yesterday I was freezing trying to walk from […]

Philly Mummers parade

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Yeah, this happens every New Years Day in Philly.  Bright and early in the morning a fuck-ton of drunk crazies flood the streets, some of them wearing costumes. We also skated through it, fitting right in. I think all of these photos are pretty self-explanatory. Enjoy :) Fun, right? See y’all next year!

Walking in Philly + Art Museum


It was a pleasant day, this last Saturday, here in Philly, so I’ve decided to take a walk with a friend and share the findings with y’all. Philly is a great city—walkable. Lots of interesting things to look for here and I’ve tried to hit up my fav spots: Rittenhouse Park, the Art Museum, and […]

2016 Odunde festival

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Every year I walk outside of my building to find a huge festival in full-swing.  Starting early in the morning, thousands of people party like there is no tomorrow (and somehow manage to do this without alcohol sales). I welcome you to join me next year and walk around this place. Here are some sights […]

Philly Spring

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Yeah, just now getting around to posting some new pics.  This was in Spring in Philly; so let this serve you as a reminder or how nice it was when the weather was chill—in the 70s—and we could all walk around for more than 10 feet without getting drenched in sweat. Ah, Spring sidewalks… Construction around […]

Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (PIFA 2016) party + skate

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Ah, Spring!  Definitely my favorite time of the year :).  I absolutely adore everything in the Spring. Especially today, since the weather is gorgeous and—despite the early rain—we will be skating, and there is a festival going on in Philly. So, here’s a video from the skate.  It includes everything I though was worth turning […]

NYE 2016, Mummers parade aftermath

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Philly Mummers are definitely a fun rioty bunch and the endup of the parade is where it’s at: drunkards, trash, gluttony, and definitely clowns! Yeah, I don’t know… I don’t know, even more. Typical street view. Everyone is happy, though.  Very fun-filled crowd. Drinking TONS of shit-beer. Typical. And I think I see this guy every […]