Miami Skate, 2016

I’ve been skating with the Landskaters [FYI: the website appears to be down at the moment…] club for quite some time now.  It’s a great fun bunch of people, not without attitudes, and we are always out to have some fun and grab a beer mid-way.  Personally, I think skating is one of the best ways to get around the city and I always thoroughly enjoy putting my skates on (and definitely I enjoy taking them off as well).

Back to the point, we did a skate in Miami and I though I’d share this wonderful experience here.  Basically, Miami is still full of Ferrari-driving douchebags and overly pretentious super-hot-girls-you-will-never-get.  On a side note, I’ve no idea who those girls are catering to.  When I’ll be driving my Diablo through the streets of Miami, I am highly unlikely to pickup a dumb money-hungry bimbo to ride with me. More likely, I’ll have a few of my buddies to share the joy of 12 cylinders and 500+ horses giving us a ride. Bimbos belong in a strip-joint, not on my passenger seat.  Just say’n.

Alright, here’s the compilation video.  Sorry but I only remembered to bring my cam on one of the skates.  Whoops :-)

Didn’t bring any good photo cams, either.  Here’s my first moment at the beach with the iPhone.

Miami-2016 (1 of 28)

And here’s the second: nothing beats sand between your toes.

Miami-2016 (2 of 28)

Or the view of the water.  There is something soothing in watching the waves hit the shore.

Miami-2016 (3 of 28)

Sunsets here are pretty dope.

Miami-2016 (4 of 28)

The beach is empty: it’s below 70F, sorry.

Miami-2016 (8 of 28)

Miami-2016 (9 of 28)

Miami-2016 (10 of 28)

Miami-2016 (11 of 28)

Still, it’s mostly T-shirt weather; even though it’s February.

Miami-2016 (12 of 28)

Miami-2016 (13 of 28)

Miami-2016 (14 of 28)

Miami-2016 (15 of 28)

Miami-2016 (16 of 28)

That dude has a “Skate” T-shirt on.  Respect!

Miami-2016 (17 of 28)

Miami-2016 (18 of 28)

Miami-2016 (19 of 28)

Miami-2016 (20 of 28)


Miami-2016 (21 of 28)

Here on the strip you’ll find just about anything you might be looking for.

Miami-2016 (22 of 28)

Including the diamond-toothed Nicki Minaj. [Fuck! Now google searches for her will lead here! sigh]

Miami-2016 (23 of 28)


Miami-2016 (25 of 28)

Ah, the Nikki Beach Club…  How I love to hate you! :-)

Miami-2016 (26 of 28)

Birds are chirping…

Miami-2016 (27 of 28)

…as the last song of this trip plays out.

Miami-2016 (28 of 28)

Good times here.  Big thanks to the Miami skating crew for putting together an awesome event for us.  Special thanks go to Amid for opening the doors of his hostel bar to us skaters and being so generously welcoming!


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