Philly in Fall

I had a bit of time today and decided to walk around the city a little and snap some pics.  I was running the cam in B&W preview mode (but pics are saved in RAW).  I honestly intended to do a classing black-and-white run but turns out I’m in love with color so changed all the pics over to display color.  This is, by far, not a long walk—just heading from Fitler Square area over to the Gayborhood and back.  Took about a hundred but only liked these twenty.  If you live in the city, I hope you can appreciate my views, and if you do not I hope you like the Philly that I live in an love.

The Naval Square.


Fall is here.


I love how Philly is so full of parks and the green, all over.  Reminds me of Berlin.  Or does Berlin remind me of Philly?


Remember when you were a kid and construction sites were not the fucking mess that you have to drive around but awesomely awesome super discovery places where you could find the most amazing rusted nail there ever was or will be?!


Or a mattress.  You could find one of these, too.


Fall is great in Philadelphia.  This city is really growing on me.


You see?


Even the back alleys are pretty cool, if you ask me.


And the residents here are happy to plant whenever given a chance to do so.


One of the entrances to the Rittenhouse Park.  I think this one of the many entrances is underrated (since it seems like less people use this one).  I love the dogs at the “gates”.


Even the concrete has trees.


Aww.  Poor rose.  Someone loved it for just a few minutes and tossed it.  Guess the movie reference here?


Somehow I find myself at this bar quite often these days.  Maybe as often as monthly which is atypical for me.  Guess the bar.


There was something really sad about these caged-in roses when I was standing there.  This photo looks just fine but the reality did not.  I suppose I failed here to capture just the right feeling of the location.  Not to worry.  I’ll practice more.


Yes, thank you, I know I am.  Cheers.


My favorite coffee shop.


Fall is pretty awesome, right?


So is the “golden hour”.




Well, I’m home.  See this Church?  Guess again.  It’s a condo building… True story.


Come visit Philly!  Or get your ass off the couch and come walk around with me.

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