East Passyunk Avenue, Philly

No idea why, but rarely do I venture out into this part of the city.  Even on skates, we never really go up here (well, maybe a few dozen times a year our of 150+ skates).  No matter, I was invited to walk around this area, snap some photos, and, of course, I have happily agreed.  Take a walk with me and maybe you’ll get interested in this area as well.  By the way, they have a pretty nice website advertising this area: http://www.visiteastpassyunk.com/.

Nota Bene: remember, I’m now putting captions BELOW the images—a recent change on this site.


Just normal people here, doing the normal people stuff.  What did you expect?


So, I heard about this Adobe Cafe and have been wanting to check it out.  I’ll continue wanting to do that.  How is it?


This weaving is all over the place here, you’ll see.


Suspicion breeds confidence……… Think about this one…. LOL


Apparently breeds doors to Narnia, too.


Gosh, I effing LOVE Philly in Spring.  I think I actually love all the cities in Spring.  I think it’s time to go check out more places…


Aaaand more weaving :-)


Very awesome!  I wish all the places in the city did that.  I think it is sully amazing that somehow the city management finds money for this; or whomever found the cash.  This, alone, adds so much amazing character to the streets that I want to start looking for a house here.


Well, except that now I see this ghetto-ass Detroit-style clothing store…  Super awesome!  LOL


Same’ol shit.  Dope!


And the Doggie Style pet store, but of course!


I love the street lamp decorations here.  Yet another item adding to the price of the houses here.  Very cool!


SALE! :0)


Nice cozy coffee shops are all over the place here.  I think I need to come back here for more than a few hours and chill.


Everything is new and cozy and nice.  Very clean streets.


And more of this weaving…


And a nice fountain, how cute!


Of course, people are walking their dogs.


Waaaaait, what?!  This is the most awesomenest dog!!!


Welcoming restaurant, but “coming soon”.  Alas, we’d have to come back for this one.


Lots of street lights here.  Very nice.


And more weaving :-)


And murals.  Lovely!


And, finally, one of the best restaurants I’ve been to in a bit.  And it was completely a “let’s walk in and see what it’s about” kind of a thing…  The place is called Brigantessa (http://brigantessaphila.com/).  Alcohol is very reasonably-priced for a sit-down place, and the choice is fabulous.  Food is spectacular.  I highly recommend for you to try this place, if you have a chance.

All-in-all—sorry for just a few photos—this was a great afternoon and I definitely am looking forward to maybe returning to this area one day to see how things might have changed.

Cheers my friends.

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