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Spring in February? Skate!

2017-02-25 skate (7 of 8)

Can you believe it?! It was 72 F this morning, now is 55 F and tonight will be 36 F… This weather is very confusing… We went our for a skate around Philly and I figured I’d share some photos from the different places we went to. Next time come out and play with us! […]

Persistence of nature


Funny thing I just noticed.  Walking in the city today I snapped a pic of some plants; later in the evening—right now—I edited a post from a while back this summer (just catching up on things) and realized that I picked the same exact shot for the cover image: Crazy, right?  Let’s see if you […]

Late December in Philly

Philly-December-2015 (6 of 16)

I’m traveling to California shortly and looks like the weather there is identical to today’s weather in Philly so I decided to “test out” an outfit I plan to wear to Cali. I brought the camera with to see if it fits well in the bag, etc etc etc. Managed to snap some photos and […]