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Random city shots in Philly

2016-11-13 Keymission general (2 of 13)

Just walking around in the city of Philadelphia. Had a camera in my pocket and absolutely no purpose what-so-ever. I did some snaps and here are the ones I like. No comment on this one. This was still Fall.  Yeah, I’ve posting photos from four months ago :-) Nice tree for a self-centered selfie. You […]

Philly is nice in the Fall


Went for a nice walk in this unusually-awesome weather and here’s the result.  FYI, I am still testing Nikon’s KeyMission 80 camera to see if I like using it.  If you’re curious, here’s what the output looks like. We can all still get ice cream! And this dog definitely looks like he’s pretty desperate for […]

Walking around Philly


Yeah, yeah, more photos from my first day with new Nikon cam.  This time it’s walking around Philly.  Ultimate destination was Mixto for a brunch (which we missed by just a few minutes LOL).  Well, here’s a glimpse of a nice Philly day for you.  Cheers Selfie mode! Absolutely gorgeous fall day today!  I hope […]

Philly in Fall


I had a bit of time today and decided to walk around the city a little and snap some pics.  I was running the cam in B&W preview mode (but pics are saved in RAW).  I honestly intended to do a classing black-and-white run but turns out I’m in love with color so changed all […]



Just decided to walk around, brought the cam along, and my fingers were not sufficiently frozen not to take pics.  Look this is just like 30 minutes, maybe two hours of walking around, maybe more or less.  Just some things I see and want to share.  My site!  I share! :-) Something yellow. Something green. Something… […]

Snow day in Philly


Fresh snow on the ground?  Forty degrees F?  Well, why would I not want to grab a camera and run off to take some pics, especially if friends are waiting for me across town to eat some Chinese?!  Seriously, isn’t it just unbelievably gorgeous when you have a few weeks of significantly-below-freezing weather and then […]

Philly in May


Just went for a walk. This is a late spring / early summer in Philly.  The real flowers re just starting and the early flowers are already starting to off. Beautiful day full of colors and things.  I thought you might enjoy the walkthrough as I did.  I got some thinking done as well.  Thinking […]