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Boston, MA

2017 Boston (26 of 75)

Last week [well, almost 2 weeks ago] I visited my brother at MIT. Drove to Boston from Montreal. Actually, my brother is in Cambridge, not Boston (as is MIT); but I don’t really care since the map and the road signs keep pointing to “Boston” exits. To summarize, this is a gorgeous place and definitely […]

Wilmington, DE: re-fresh/re-visit

2017 Wilmington DE (33 of 37)

I’ve been here in 2014 for a brief visit and I found this place to be most welcoming, Wilmington, Delaware.  Not too much had changed, no, but there is, apparently a lot of new construction here.  Lovely.  This town is starting to look more and more attractive. Three years had done their job and, in […]

Spring into Summer in Philly

philly spring to summer 2017 (78 of 135)

Yesterday was perfect weather and a great day to walk around. Philadelphia is a very walker-friendly place and yesterday was definitely good for it. What is the purpose of this post? I hope I achieve a great success by this post if it only reminds you to go outside and have some fun.  Walk around, […]

Davis, CA


There are three kinds of people here—it is now apparent to me: the Tall, the Asian, and the Others. The Others are a silent majority—I am one, too—and they move in-and-out of the occasional Tall and the clouds of the Asian, silently. The place is majestic in its own right, just look at all the […]


Brussels-2015 (345 of 367)

Although not as clean as most other major European cities I visit, Brussels is absolutely fantastic and charming. The chocolates and the beers are to-die-for and this place is heaven for anyone like me, anyone who likes to walk around the city and absorb it, slowly. Here are some photos from my trip last year. […]


Greifswald-2015 (120 of 134)

I was in Greifswald for a workshop and rather enjoyed my stay.  Everything, from typical-to-Germany cleanliness to superb food. If you’re a man who likes beer and meat, well, this is your place. I was there over a year ago and only now am getting to posting these pics so you can see what the […]


Berlin-2015 (90 of 140)

OK, so I was in Berlin for a day.  It was my birthday so I wanted to walk around the city, celebrate a little. Again, It’s been over a year and I fear I’m not going to post these at all if I got just go and post the pics.  Here are the pics.  I […]