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Wilmington, DE: re-fresh/re-visit

2017 Wilmington DE (33 of 37)

I’ve been here in 2014 for a brief visit and I found this place to be most welcoming, Wilmington, Delaware.  Not too much had changed, no, but there is, apparently a lot of new construction here.  Lovely.  This town is starting to look more and more attractive. Three years had done their job and, in […]

Another tour of the city


Just a chill Sunday skate through the city, reminding me why I love it here. For starters, the shopping list here. I need: coffee weed smokes … I dig the order of things here. Highschool, I’m guessing? Attack dog here. Zen with satellite dishes. Why does nobody eat the berries?? We just be chill’n here […]

Assateague, MD—the island with horsies

Assateague, MD (20 of 32)

I visit the Assateague Island from time to time.  The beach is typically clean there and the drive to get there is nice.  The key feature, of course, are the horses who [sometimes] chill right on the beach. This time we didn’t get lucky-enough to see any, except at the very end and from a distance. Anyway, I […]

The Big Island, Hawaii


No, I cannot say I love Hawaii.  It’s part of the continental USA and it’s a little bit boring.  Having said that… HAWAII!!!  This is a super-welcome break from the norm and a superb trip.  I’ve been here some years ago.  It’s actually been so long ago…  I was a very different person back then… […]

Moonset and sunrise in Kiev


So, I  am still jet-lagged and can’t sleep in the morning.  Woke up at around 5:30am and, since I could think of nothing better to do, I set my cam on a balcony railing to do a quick timelapse of moon going down on the horizon.  I blame my poor Engrish for the funny I […]