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Kinetic Sculpture Derby skate

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Every year there is a “Kinetic Sculpture Derby” here in Philly. Today we skated through it. As a matter fact, there is a skate-through-it every year; or at least that’s what my memory tells me. I tried to look for photos but I can’t seem to find any on my computer; I guess they’re gone somewhere. What I […]

Easter Bunny Skate

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We are all children.  Yep, there I said it!  We are just little 3- or 4- year old boys and girls, trying to have a bit of fun… No, please, do try to disagree with me, please.  What would you give to be able to strap on some bunny ears and hop around the city […]

Cherry blossoms skate

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I love spring in Philadelphia.  This city is one of the greener ones that I’ve been to: lots of parks, etc.  When the city blooms every spring, life here is just flabbergastingly great. Today we had planned a “Cherry Blossoms skate” but, alas, there were far fewer of those than I had expected. Just compare […]

Spring in Philly, complete with snow and 72 ºF weather

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Has the weather always been crazy like this?  to the best of my recollection, the last 2 years the outside conditions have been swinging more wildly than anything I can recall from the ears before.  We have freezing temperatures one morning and flip-flops weather the next morning. Yesterday I was freezing trying to walk from […]

Philly Spring

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Yeah, just now getting around to posting some new pics.  This was in Spring in Philly; so let this serve you as a reminder or how nice it was when the weather was chill—in the 70s—and we could all walk around for more than 10 feet without getting drenched in sweat. Ah, Spring sidewalks… Construction around […]

Visit Manayunk


Ah, Manayunk, !!! So close to Philly that I think, technically, it is not even considered a suburb :-). Lovely place for a visit, if you are in the area or you just feel like spending some money at a nice pub but the river or just being a shopaholic for a day and supporting […]

Spring in Philly


I love Philadelphia in the Spring.  Actually, I’ve grown to love Philly over the last 12 years quite a bit—I know the city well and there is always something to do, especially in the early Spring when everyone is starting to wake up, dress down, and chill at all the local festivals and such.  Just […]

Spring in Philadelphia


I was traveling quite a bit lately and missed the beginning of Spring in Philly.  Well, I cannot fix that but I can grab a camera and pretend these are the first days of Spring. Now, why put this post in the “Travel” category?  Well, if I was looking at these photos I would get […]