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Random city shots in Philly

2016-11-13 Keymission general (2 of 13)

Just walking around in the city of Philadelphia. Had a camera in my pocket and absolutely no purpose what-so-ever. I did some snaps and here are the ones I like. No comment on this one. This was still Fall.  Yeah, I’ve posting photos from four months ago :-) Nice tree for a self-centered selfie. You […]

Some photos from my backpack

Photo_Export (6 of 6)

I’ve been carrying my camera with me at all times for a few weeks now.  I’ve had some interesting projects that I’ll share later but here are some photos that simply don’t fit into any category at all.  There’s just a “pocket dump”; but since the cam is not in my pocket but rather in […]

A day in Philadelphia

This weekend I went to an opera with a friend.  Just walked around the city, meeting up with friends, enjoying life.  Great day, but a bit chilly.  Well, I figured I’d bring a camera with.  But I cannot go on shooting without an assignment, can I?  Well, let’s make one up then, shall we?  Today’s […]