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Brigantine, NJ

atlantic city, ny (6 of 15)

Decided to swing by AC for a day; well, Brigantine, really. Walked over to the beach passing by endangered stuffs and right on to the volleyball courts right under the constant danger of being pooped on next to the freezing-cold poop-colored water.  Why is AC ocean so dirty? ahhh… zen! chill funky beautiful and deep […]

St. Martin, 2015

Saint Martin 2015 d0.1 (5 of 8)

Distant sounds of young girl’s laughter is about the only thing I can hear besides the wind here; and, no, it is not windy, just quiet. I can see the stars, too. What was the last time you looked up at the sky and saw something other than the projectors tracing the cloudy sky, advertising a […]

Brigantine, NJ 2013

Believe it or not, but it’s been quote some time since I’ve been to the Atlantic Ocean, at least the one nearby Philly. Quote possibly it’s been over two years since I’ve been there.  The ocean is a bit dirty and definitely is cold.  So I never go… Well, I was talking to a few […]