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Odunde festival (skate-through)

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There is a wonderful Festival that happens, unfortunately, only once a year. Odunde is a wonderful place to be at.  I am frequently amazed that some of my friends have never heard of this festival. Come on! It happens every year and it’s been happening for quite a few years. You absolutely have to come […]

Spring into Summer in Philly

philly spring to summer 2017 (78 of 135)

Yesterday was perfect weather and a great day to walk around. Philadelphia is a very walker-friendly place and yesterday was definitely good for it. What is the purpose of this post? I hope I achieve a great success by this post if it only reminds you to go outside and have some fun.  Walk around, […]

Collingswood Festival

Collingswood, NJ (3 of 16)

WOW, Collingswood’s wikipedia page has 140 references. Must be really legit! A friend invited me over and I did happen to have a bit of free time, so I decided to swing by, as I’ve been meaning to visit this nice little town. They had a chill band and everything! Suburban, yet close-enough to the […]

2016 Odunde festival

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Every year I walk outside of my building to find a huge festival in full-swing.  Starting early in the morning, thousands of people party like there is no tomorrow (and somehow manage to do this without alcohol sales). I welcome you to join me next year and walk around this place. Here are some sights […]

Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (PIFA 2016) party + skate

phil pifa 2016 (3 of 27)

Ah, Spring!  Definitely my favorite time of the year :).  I absolutely adore everything in the Spring. Especially today, since the weather is gorgeous and—despite the early rain—we will be skating, and there is a festival going on in Philly. So, here’s a video from the skate.  It includes everything I though was worth turning […]

Manayunk festival

Manayunk (60 of 60)

Yo! What’up? Nada I’m heading to this festival in Manayunk, look like fun OK Spring is in the air; so what’s better to do on a Sunday than a festival somewhere? Sun is shining and the weather is oh-my-fucking-god! People are chill here.  Lovely Tons of kids.  I didn’t picture Manayunk to be all about the […]

Philly African festival

Philly-African-festival-2015 (30 of 32)

Again, catching up with older photos. Here’s an email from July this year: The African Festival ~ August 2 ~ FREE – From 2 pm to 8 pm at The Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing, enjoy artists, groups, and dance troupes from around the African continent to perform. Also enjoy delicious African food vendors, as well as traditional and modern clothing, arts, and crafts vendors. ~ The African Festival ~ The link is […]

Spring in Philly


I love Philadelphia in the Spring.  Actually, I’ve grown to love Philly over the last 12 years quite a bit—I know the city well and there is always something to do, especially in the early Spring when everyone is starting to wake up, dress down, and chill at all the local festivals and such.  Just […]

Spring in Philadelphia


I was traveling quite a bit lately and missed the beginning of Spring in Philly.  Well, I cannot fix that but I can grab a camera and pretend these are the first days of Spring. Now, why put this post in the “Travel” category?  Well, if I was looking at these photos I would get […]