Pre-Thanksgiving day off is great for rebooting my brain

Don’t know about you, my friend, but I am a bit burnt-out with 2017’s shenanigans… My office is officially half-closed today so I decided to fully close it for myself and clothing-store-hop with my girlfriend. This is a very important bonding experience which requires exactly zero brain activity. It is pretty awesome to look at … Continue to full post

Why skate?!

Why do I skate? I’m not going to blabber about the workout value, or the social value of getting out to spend a few hours with friends. No. I’ll go straight to getting to know your city.  We skated to Navy Yard, again. What’s the value of going to the sample place over and over? Well, … Continue to full post

Davis, CA

There are three kinds of people here—it is now apparent to me: the Tall, the Asian, and the Others. The Others are a silent majority—I am one, too—and they move in-and-out of the occasional Tall and the clouds of the Asian, silently. The place is majestic in its own right, just look at all the … Continue to full post