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Philly Mummers parade

philly mummers 2017 (43 of 68)

Yeah, this happens every New Years Day in Philly.  Bright and early in the morning a fuck-ton of drunk crazies flood the streets, some of them wearing costumes. We also skated through it, fitting right in. I think all of these photos are pretty self-explanatory. Enjoy :) Fun, right? See y’all next year!



What can I say?  I was here less than two days and already fell in love with this city and the people here.  Everyone is exceedingly friendly, prices are great, views are fantastic, and the food is phenomenal.  Love it here and cannot wait to get back.  Here are my numerous photos of the street […]

Philadelphia skyline


I went, with a friend, for a picnic in one of my favorite locations in Philly.  This is a rarely-visited lawn with awesome view of the city and few people around.  Yes, there are people, but there are few and far between.  I like it quiet :).  I remembered that I know how to make […]

New York City (for MoMA)


The idea came to test-drive new car and where else to go but New York City for a trip to the Museum of Modern Art?  Somehow I have not yet been there; so: new car, new ideas! Ah, I love driving in NYC. It’s gotta suck doing this every day; but on a random once-over […]

Barcelona, Spain, 2015


There is magic out there, I am sure of it, for I have seen it. You see, we go through life, as children, constantly learning new things, always improving, never stopping to believe there is a boogiemen out there or there is something far greater out there than what we are. Well, as we get […]

New Hope


Cursed little town for me…  Every time I go here something bad happens.  This time, on the way back, ran into a pothole which damaged my baby’s right-front-strut and cost me about 6-7 hours at two mechanic shops and, finally, about $600.  Well, it’s just an accident, right?  But what about the last time I […]

A fall day


Whoops! These photos are over a month old and I, only now, found them on Lightroom. You may ask, How is it that I loose photos in my own photo management software? Well, it is quite simple—I just didn’t have any time this month to do anything much with photos being busy with work projects […]