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Berlin-2015 (90 of 140)

OK, so I was in Berlin for a day.  It was my birthday so I wanted to walk around the city, celebrate a little. Again, It’s been over a year and I fear I’m not going to post these at all if I got just go and post the pics.  Here are the pics.  I […]

Boat ride: Bratislava to Vienna


Twin City Liner takes you from Bratislava, Slovakia directly to Vienna, Austria.  You’re swimming up-current so the trip takes about 2 hours (the other way is just over an hour, I heard).  This is an absolutely awesome—and relatively inexpensive—way to travel here. Amazing time and I have pictures to prove it, too.  I highly recommend […]

Dragon Boat festival


Did you know anything about the International Dragon Boat festival?  Me neither.  But apparently there is such a thing (link is to the Philly race).  A few short months ago a friend of mine approached me with a strange request to occupy my Thursdays with sweat and water.  Oh, but why would I possibly refuse such […]

Wisconsin, 2013


So I took a day to visit my good friends in Wisconsin.  One of my first publications is with Alexey and we keep reasonably close contact for the last 10+ years.  He just doesn’t seem to change and neither does his wife; their daughter, however, is no longer 12… she’s 21.  WOW!  That was a […]