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Brigantine, NJ

2017-08-20 Brigantine (6 of 13)

Located right next to the Atlantic City, Brigantine boasts a fabulous beach [and far less crowded than the AC beach].  I’ve been here a number of times and every time I make a plan to come here more often. This time I decided to also record a video of walking around on the beach so, […]

Assateague, MD—the island with horsies

Assateague, MD (20 of 32)

I visit the Assateague Island from time to time.  The beach is typically clean there and the drive to get there is nice.  The key feature, of course, are the horses who [sometimes] chill right on the beach. This time we didn’t get lucky-enough to see any, except at the very end and from a distance. Anyway, I […]

Brigantine, NJ

atlantic city, ny (6 of 15)

Decided to swing by AC for a day; well, Brigantine, really. Walked over to the beach passing by endangered stuffs and right on to the volleyball courts right under the constant danger of being pooped on next to the freezing-cold poop-colored water.  Why is AC ocean so dirty? ahhh… zen! chill funky beautiful and deep […]